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Hotel Gatwick

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Hotel Gatwick is one of the best hotels in London. Hilton at Gatwick Airport is conveniently located within walking distance. From the South Terminal is connected to a closed road. Hilton Gatwick offers a long-term parking and hotel packages that have great facilities including 24 / 7 room service, gift shop, 2 restaurants, two bars, business center, hair salon and fitness exercise. There are other good hotels such as Marriott hotel that has a brand new Courtyard and hotels, also located at cheap hotel Gatwick South Terminal it’s newly built with parking facilities onside. West hotels provide free parking inclusive car at the Best Western Gatwick, situated close to the airport. There are 67 other hotels in the nearby and they have very good offer, offer is 63 pounds per night, and there are about 180 hotels in the UK and throughout Europe. Planned road works can delay travel and roadworks at night heading into and out of Gatwick are expected to have a delay. Gatwick hotels with free parking offers an extensive list of facilities and additional services are available from hotels in and around Gatwick, they provide the Reception, Customer service, single gender bathroom facility, outside the room, handicapped access, storage and tables, including wardrobe and hangers clothes, Telephone in the room, coffee and tea making facilities. Hotels with higher star will offer such hotel safe for valuables, Pay-per-view movies in guest rooms, concierge desk, and Laundry and valet service, mini-bar service in the guest room.
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Legalmusicmp3 - Music for you

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you music lovers? Want to download music and watch video clips? legalmusicmp3 is the right choice. There has presented all kinds of music and video clips that you can download for free. And legal. In legalmusicmp3, you can listen kesha TIK TOK. You can download video clips from Avril Lavigne. etc. legalmusicmp3 presented menu include: popular songs, romantics music, club songs, new music rap.
and you need to know is in legalmusicmp3 also provides free ringtone download. so if you want to find music for your pc, download the legalmusicmp3 is the right solution.
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Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Currency Exchange

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FX Rate provide lower foreign exchange rates than most FX companies, as we trader 24 hours a day and internationally across continents.

We provide foreign exchange, international money transfer, money for overseas mortgages. FX rate help you to save money offering better-than-bank currency exchange rates and to reduce the risk of your international payments increasing. Fx rate is for all foreign exchange, foreign currency, foreign money, travel money and Forex requirements. Our main focus is in the Forex UK market and clients are mainly from London: - fx rates - currency fx rates history - best fx rates - low fx fees - currency exchange - currency exchange rates - mortgage currency calculator
As the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day for trading. Major trading market hours define the daily FX market. A potential gain in one market could be incurred from a movement in currency prices or exchange rates in other markets. Historical FX Rates ®.

The FX market is most active when trading hours overlap:

  • US/Europe overlap between 12 PM - 4 PM (GMT / UTC) ,

  • Europe/Asia overlap between 6 AM - 9 AM (New York Time) ,

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    Mobile Phone Shop On UK

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    phone is one of the primary needs at this time. All the average person has a cell phone. starting from adults, to children. It is no doubt, the phone does have a special appeal for youth today.

    given feature phones is more sophisticated than ever before. maybe once we know the phone only for communication devices only. but these days many manufacturers that provide cellular telephone facilities in it. such as chat, and so on.

    Once every 3 months, the new phone comes with more sophisticated features again. maybe for you who do not want to miss time, you can come to uk mobile phones shop. To buy the phone there.

    uk mobile phones shop is one of the Renowned mobile phone shop and the largest in the UK. You do not worry about what kind of phone you are looking for. Everyone must be there. All types of mobile phone once every 3 months update, available there. Surely if you want it to be not fashioned with your friends in a phone problem, you can try to visit online mobile phone shops in the UK.

    One advantage of this online store is in serving customers. You will not be preoccupied with a long queue. Just because it would buy the phone there. There has been provided on the official website, which websites are used for buying and selling online.

    if you want to buy mobile phones online, uk mobile phones shop needs to be considered.
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    5 Top jQuery Chart Libraries

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    Nowadays the need for an easy way to add interactive charts becomes essential because we are shifting from pc applications to web application. jQuery and other libraries allows to make accessible data visualization in (x)HTML, giving us this needed functionality.
    In this article we are going to present 5 chart libraries that suit different needs from simple charts to high complex charts. Most of them are free for personal and commercial use.

    1. jQuery Visualize Plugin

    jQuery Visualize Plugin is the perfect plugin if you have a table and want to generate a chart out of it. It offers different types of charts such as Bar, Area, Pie & Line charts.

    Type of Charts: Bar, Area, Pie & Line.
    Requirements: jQuery, excanvas (included)
    Browser Support: IE6*, IE7*, IE8*, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9.
    * HTML 5 canvas element is not supported by IE but Google maintains a library that translates canvas scripting into VML, allowing it to work in all versions of internet explorer.
    Demo: http://www.filamentgroup.com/examples/charting_v2/index_2.php
    License: MIT and GPL licenses

    2. Highcharts

    Highcharts is a really impressive jQuery Chart Library. In a few words Highcharts is compatible with most Browsers and even the iPhone; numerous chart types are supported; it is a dynamic plugin because you can add, remove and modify series, axes or points at any time after chart creation and you can load data from external files; tooltip labels are also supported which is great for detailed information in a point of a chart; zooming and last but not least all text labels can be rotated in any angle.

    Line and column example

    Columns with rotated labels
    Type of Charts: Bar, Area, Areaspline , Pie, Line, Spline, Column & Scatter.
    Requirements: jQuery or MooTools
    Browser Support: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9 and iPhone!
    Demo: http://www.highcharts.com/demo/
    License: Creative Commons Attribution  Non-Commercial 3.0 License. Free for personal website, a school site or a non-profit organization. For a single commercial Website the license costs $80.

    3. Flot

    Flot is as the authors call it an “Attractive Javascript plotting for jQuery” which is true. The charts look simple and nice, it is easy to create charts and all settings are optional. Some key features of plot is turning series on/off, zooming, interacting with the data points and it integrates a simple tooltip feature.

    Tracking curves with crosshair plugin
    Type of Charts: Bar, Area, Point & Line.
    Requirements: jQuery
    Browser Support: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9 and Konqueror 4+.
    Demo: http://people.iola.dk/olau/flot/examples/
    License: MIT License

    4. jQuery Sparklines

    Sparklines generates small inline charts either inline in the HTML or via JavaScript. It is really good for displaying mini graphs notably because most of them just take 1 line of HTML or JavaScript code. Another great feature is it self-refreshing capabilities. You can see it in their Mouse-Speed demo which shows you the power of live charting.

    Type of Charts: Bar, Tristate, Bullet, Box Plot & Line.
    Requirements: jQuery
    Browser Support: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9 and Google Chrome.
    Demo: http://omnipotent.net/jquery.sparkline/
    License: New BSD License

    5. jqPlot

    jqPlot did not catch my eye at first glance but after further research I found it to be one of the best and free jQuery chart library. Numerous graphical options are available you can even add shadows and interact per drag&drop in the charts! It even automatically computes trend lines. We could compare it to highcharts in terms of features and functionality.

    Type of Charts: Bar, Pie & Line.
    Requirements: jQuery
    Browser Support: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9 and Google Chrome.
    Demo: http://www.jqplot.com/tests/
    License: MIT and GPL version 2 licenses


    As you may have seen from this 5 jQuery chart libraries they suit different needs. First Sparklines generates a small inline chart which is perfect for charts where the precision is not important. You look at the small chart and you should directly know what happened.
    Highcharts, Flot and jqPlot are very powerful jQuery chart libraries. My personal favourites is Highcharts and jqPlot. The visual quality of Highcharts charts are better than jqPlot but the last one is free. I recommend you to test at least one of them and you will see that they are really powerful.
    Finally jQuery Visualize is really easy to use and specially adapted if you want to create a chart out of a table, just like you would do it in excel. This can be convenient when you need a table and a chart to visualize your thoughts. Feel free to give your feedback via comments section.:)
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    Ultimate Roundup of Free User Interface Icons

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    The role and purpose of icons is user interaction is very important these days.  Icons can enhance the user experience and user friendly icons are really appreciative but they should be unique and easy to understand. There are so many icon websites available on the web but what we are presenting here is only high quality and web2.0 free icon packs collected from various websites ,designers galleries and blogs.
    In this icons series we have divided the icon packs in to three main categories. Web and user interface icon-packs, Social-media packs and other icon packs.You might have seen these icons somewhere, But we narrated here some of them you might have not seen. Not all icon packs are for commercial projects, you can use some of them for your private projects and for your personal use. Please see the usage license and derivation rules carefully before using any icons.I’m 100% sure you will love this Huge and Extensive collection of icons.

    Web and User interface icons:

    In this category you can download the vector,dock and some illustrator icons for your web design and development system and your CMS too.

    1.Scalable icons

    This set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons.
    Disclaimer & Conditions: The set is licensed under Creative Commons License.Redistribution, Release for Download, use for commercial purpose or selling of these icons on an another site without permission is completely prohibited.

    2.Free vector icons

    Here are 30 free vector icons with an apple touch to it. The download contains the PSD source file.These icons can also be used as iPhone menu bar icons.

    3. Diagona-icons

    400 (200+200) icons are included in PNG format (10×10 and 16×16 pixel).To remove the attribution, please purchase the license.

    4. Free web development icons

    Free web development icons icon set is done in web 2.0.
    License: These icons are free to use in any kind of project unlimited times.
    Amount of icons: 80 , Icon Sizes: 24×24
    Amount of icons: 60 Icon Sizes: 24×24
    Amount of icons: 26 Icon Sizes: 16×16
    Amount of icons: 32 , Icon Sizes: 16×16
    Amount of icons: 26 , Icon Sizes: 16×16

    5. Blogging icon set

    Specially designed for bloggers. There are totally 12 shiny and modern icons for your blog. Sizes 24×24, 36×36 and 48×48 in png format. Blogging Icons Set is released under Creative Commons License, please feel free to use it on your personal and commercial projects.Designed by Blog perfume.

    6. Go-green-minimalistic-icons

    In this icon pack, there are 108 different icons. You can use for your websites, blogs or applications. These icons comes with e Commerce icons, social media, computer accessories, multimedia icons.These icons are available in 64 x 64 px and in transparent PNG formats.It’s a freebie from Dawghouse design studio.

    7. Tango icons

    It’s a revision pack of the previous release in Tango style.licensed CC BY-SA.

    8. Function-icon-set

    A consistent style with a glossy look with a set of 128 Free Icons for you to use in any projects,These icons are absolutely free! You can use them anywhere.

    9. One bit icons

    Icon set of 50 icons.
    License: These icons are free to use in any kind of commercial or non-commercial project unlimited times.

    10. Vaga icon sets

    Set of 60 icons, semi-transparent .png icons (16 x 16) ready to use and available for free download.

    11. Woofunction-web design icons

    The Woo Function icon set includes 178 amazing web-related icons in a sophisticated and glossy design style. All 178 icons are available at 32×32 pixel PNG files.This is a classy icon set from woo themes.It’s a collaboration of wefunction and woothemes.This icon set is released on the GNU general public license.

    12. WIP-Web-Iconset

    A beautiful icon set for web designer’s personal use.
    License: For non-profit use ONLY. Commercial(e.g. for company website, application interface etc.) use is strictly forbidden.

    13. Iconic project

    Iconic is a minimal set of icons consisting of 103 marks in raster and vector formats — free for public use.This set is currently licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

    14. Glossy Buttons

    This set have clean and crispy look with consistency.The Glossy Buttons is a collection of 33 high-quality stylish icons ranging from 16×16 to 48 x 48 pixels.This icon collection is created for multiple uses.The icons can be used royalty-free by the license for any personal or commercial project including web application, web design, software application, mobile application, documentation, presentation, computer game, advertising, film, video.

    15. Icons from iconblock

    Snow pack
    102 royalty free website & GUI icons in various formats that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

    Blue Coral
    More collection of 77 blue and grey rounded button icons designed for website use. These icons are perfect if your looking for simplicity and style as well as uniformity. A freeware release

    74 xp themed icons that will surely breath new life into your blog or website application.

    16.ORB icons

    Free to use,for more information contact the designer.

    17.Mini icon collection

    Here are 113 10×10 greyscale icons in .gif format. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 licence.

    Just another mini icon set

    Pretty small icons.Some rights reserved.This work is licensed under a
    Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

    18.ColorCons icon set

    ColorCons are 49 different icons available in 4 different colors.
    Formats and sizes included in the package are.Terms of usage are in the  pack.


    The Sweetie family is cute and clean.And free! This set has been around for five years, but it’s still going strong.Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

    20.Milky icon set-All in one package

    This is another lovely set of simple but nice icons happily created by IconEden.com. The Milky set contains more than 131 icons primarily colored in green, giving an eye-pleasant look and prominent display on either dark or bright backgrounds.


    A special icons of adobe’s master collection.For license please verify in icon page.

    22.Bright free icon set

    This 148-icon set contains all crisp-shaped icons that are designed for wide use in web applications, multimedia and software.So you can use Bright! for free for your personal and commercial projects.

    23.Hand pointer icons

    Free icon set that includes 36 hand pointer icons of 6 different types with 6 color variants. Icon set also includes .psd source file.

    24.Once from Delacro

    You can use them on your personal blog. Just send me a mail and let.Non commercial use.

    25.Webmaster icons-Dellipack 2.0

    The DelliPack 2.0 icons are a high quality pack of developer icons and webmasters icons.

    26.Designer icons

    This set includes Adobe Graphic Icons, Designers Icon.For more information see in source page.

    27.Icon pack by Psferox designs

    Specifically these icons designed for designer’s use.


    These icon sets are specifically made for mobile applications,websites and GUI designs.For license details please get more information from the source.


    Specifically for i-Phone developers,Free for anyone to use under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada license. You may use or modify these icons in any way as long as you credit www.pixelpressicons.com.

    30.Web standard icons

    28 icons for web designers and blogger.

    31.Vector arrow icons

    Freshly made, tasty vector icon with 64 icons.They’re entirely free.

    32.Glossy Vector icons

    This particular icon set falls into the “window” category. Nothing to do with “Windows” the operating system, but the adjustment of windows, panes, and closure icons.85 shining icons ready for your next design.

    33.Icons for your photo editing app

    Image related icons.-Some smiling lips, a camera lens, some vortex colour, a crop tool, a TV icon, and plenty more.they’re free to download and use as you wish!

    FYI : Social media icons will be coming in the next part of the icon packs after that other icon packs too.
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    Redesign Process: Taking Small Steps for a Better Website

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    This is experimental article, where you will see whole redesigning process behind the scenes and read different way of thinking. In this review you will be leaded through necessary steps needed to get successful redesign.

    If responses and feedback will be positive, we will make this monthly or even weekly event analyzing also well known blog redesigns – showing pros and cons. I think real examples are the best way to show the point and teach something! Let’s start – we will be happy to hear your feedback! It will be exciting!

    ReadyPhotoSite is a flash photo CMS created especially for photographers, painters, artists and people of art. The CMS is presented in 3 different packages that vary in functionality and a number of skins, so you can choose the design you like and then choose the website features.

    We started working on this ReadyPhotoSite project on May 2009 together with Karen Myers who is presently the CEO of readyphotosite. But Karen is not only a partner, but also a good friend of mine so we were both into it. By the time we started working on website design, the product (the CMS and the skins) was ready and our task was to launch a simple website as soon as possible, apply the changes and make the updates as we go. And so we did.

    Starting with a simple website and the problems we faced

    The website we have uploaded online consisted of the following main pages:
    • home page
    • products page
    • why buy
    • link to blog
    • contact page
    • links in the footer to Tutorials, TOS, Privacy, Tutorials and Hosting.
    The home page had around 10 lines of text and a cool stylish intro in retro style in the middle – home page didn’t share almost no information about the product and thus was pretty useless. Besides it took around 30 seconds for the intro to load and we were loosing most of the people already in beginning process when they were visiting our home page.
    Still the owners of the project insisted we should keep the intro as they spent a good amount of money on it and wanted to see it online no matter what.

    As I have mentioned at the very beginning of the post, the ReadyPhotoSite websites are available in 3 packages:
    • basic,
    • advanced
    • ecommerce
    Look above, there is the screenshot showing how this concept was presented on the website.
    While the products page itself had the basic text info, the buttons in the header lead to almost identical pages of basic, advanced and ecommerce packages that had:
    • screenshots of design themes listed on them
    • the link to the preview
    • the buy button
    All the pages had the list of the same theme’s screenshots which was obviously somewhat confusing for the website visitors as without visiting the features page they had no idea of the difference and they just saw that same designs.

    The initial purchase process was even more complicated. The buy button next to the skin lead to a static html page with 2 options to choose from- “Host with ReadyPhotoSite” or “I already have hosting” and 2 separate links that took you further to the shopping cart page( the WHMCS shopping system allows creating only static product links). It was only later that we realized that the purchase process was a real nightmare with too many steps and no convenient option to choose other design or other package.
    The other thing that we initially paid no special attention to was the skin preview page, that was simply opening the website in the new window and where we were loosing customers as well since there was no calls to action or some kind of info how to move forward.

    The website required a serious work. In about 3 month after launch we were getting nice targeted traffic from search engines, photo forums and blogs, photo communities, template and CMS reviews websites, paid ads, social networks and our partners, but the website was not converting the traffic into sales. We had a tremendous bounce rate of about 50% and people were staying on the website for less than 30 seconds, getting lost and not sure what to order and how to order. So we have started on conversion rate optimization, creating a user friendly website step by step.

    1) Moving the intro to the inside page.

    The first step we made was the optimization of the website home page that was the main landing page and where we were loosing most of our clients because of the intro. We have replaced it with the large graphical collage explaining how to launch the website with ReadyPhotoSite CMS and huge buttons next to it: free trial, link to the admin area demo and the link to the page with the intro (requested by owners). Below we had a new keywords-rich text explaining the advantages of RPS and listing some of the main features.

    2) Reworking the product pages.

    The products pages and the ordering process was a real pain in the ass. We had 4 tasks to solve:
    - reduce the number of steps before the purchase;
    - give an easy option to get back to other products and packages;
    - make the product structure understandable( the relation of skins and packages);
    - inform the potential buyer about package features on the fly (so that they don’t go away from the purchase pages to the features page).
    And here’s what we did:
    1. Removed the buttons (and the pages) to advanced/creative/ecommerce packages from the menu.
    2. Replaced the text on the products page with the list of skins screenshots and added buy and preview buttons.

    Now the problem was how and where do we actually link the buy and preview buttons (as there are 3 different previews for every skin (for basic, creative and ecommerce packages) and 6 buy links (as every package can be purchased with hosting or without it)).
    The new buy page have solved all the tasks. Before reading this articles further I suggest to open this page online so that you check in real how it works. Click on any buy or preview button on this page http://www.readyphotosite.com/products.php and you’ll be taken to the buy page.
    • we combined the preview page with the purchase page and now we keep the visitor focused on the purchase;
    • the buy or preview button from the products page automatically loads the preview of the ecommerce package of the chosen theme (since it’s most expensive and we’re interested in more people buying it);

    - on the first step you can browse between different themes and the preview will load below (to ensure better theme browsing we have added “hide panel” option at the very top of the page);
    - having chosen the theme you can now choose the package on the step 2. Next to every package there’s the price and the list of features included;

    - finally on the step 3 you can choose whether to host with ReadyPhotoSite or not. You will also be shown the pricing and the hosting details.

    With the options for the 3 steps loaded you can still change the settings on that same page. You can choose the other theme or the other package or change your mind about hosting. Finally the buy button will take you to the purchase page with all the options you have taken.

    3) The need in new pages.

    Making the analysis of the keywords people were using to find our websites in search engines from Google Analytics we have decided that it makes sense to create the keyword oriented pages giving the same time valuable information about the product. Some of the keywords included:
    * Photography Website Design
    * Family Website Design
    * Personal Website Design
    * Wedding Website Design
    * Maternity Photo Website Design
    * ReadyPhotoSite review
    While creating the pages we have faced another problem. The main website navigation allowed 5 buttons only and the footer was already crowded with the sub pages and we simply had no place to add the pages. In the next 2 points below I’ll be explaining how we addressed this problem.

    4) Creating new home page.

    Having tested the new home page for several months time we were still not satisfied with the results. We needed to push more people to the products pages and use the place on the home page in more efficient manner. Though the picture was good for people, the home page itself could not be called a good landing page.
    1) First of all we decided to decrease the size of the header area, as it was nice but not functional so we reduced it by 40% or so.

    2) We then decided to decrease the height of the collage on the home by 50% to give more place to content and other stuff.

    3) To catch the user attention with the products right on the home page we added the big screen of the featured theme linked to the buy page.
    4) We added pretty huge buttons linking to the products page, admin area demo, free trial and the buy button for the featured theme. Having all this main options in the center of the page the website visitor don’t even have to click on the menu to go to the main pages, it’s very intuitive and user-friendly.
    5) Following point 3 (the need of the new pages) we added the links to the new pages and the section for
    testimonials thus giving the website visitors the information they were looking for directly from the home page.

    5) Reworking the blog pages

    Writing lots of articles about photography, photo website design and promotion as well as just some fun posts, we were getting really good traffic both from social networks and search engines to our blog. For the first 2 months we were just attracting people by interesting and useful tips trying to get the reputation. In the new few months we have taken the following steps to make this traffic result into the product purchase
    1) Added the banner to the left column offering to exchange old photography website to the new one with 20% discount.
    2) Added the big buttons linking to the features page and free trial.
    3) Finally we have replaced all that we have with the banner rotating the screenshots of our products, big button with the “free 7 day” website trial on it and the full list of product features. It was only this last update that has helped us to drive traffic from blog to the website features and product pages.

    6) Reworking the menu structure and adding new pages

    Viewing the entrance and the exit points of the website pages we were noticing that our visitors were not finding answers to the questions they were looking for. It was then when we decided to create the product guide section of the website that would contain all the info needed to make a decision.

    We have replaced the Why Buy page in the main menu with the product-guide and created the sub pages that now contain most of the website/product info in the structured manner. We have also created the new samples page showing how of our clients customized the default themes and illustrating the changes that can be made from the admin area.

    In conclusion

    We’ve made a long way studying visitors behavior before the website started looking like this http://www.readyphotosite.com. I have learned that there is always place for improvement and that we are just on the start, not on the finish. We have tried different font sizes, buttons, graphical presentations, motos and texts. We still want to try Google Website Optimizer, add Google Translate, feedback form and some other cool features to make the website even more user-friendly and intuitive. You have to act to be on board. Below are some figures from the stats showing how successful the changes we performed has been so far:
    - After second home page update and restructuring of the purchase process the views of the products and buy pages has increased by 50%;
    - Thanks to rotating product screens about 10% of the blog visitors now visit the product pages;
    - Adding new information and keyword-rich pages increase traffic from the search engines by 30%;
    - Adding product guide increased the number of free trials by 30% and the number of general product inquiries by 25%.
    Unfortunately I can’t share all the details with you, but overall it was worth the efforts and we’ll keep on working!
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