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Tutorvista is the best solution

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Mathematics is one lesson that is very difficult to be understood by students who are attending school. From the survey results, many students who can not with math lessons.

Therefore, it needed a solution that is really promising for someone to be able to learn mathematics with success rate 80% -90%.

We have suggested a solution to you all, that is by joining in Tutorvista, TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. Tutorvista an incredible offer unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $ 99.99 a month for all subjects - students cans use tutorvista's service as much as They Want, Whenever They need it. Tutoring is available 24x7. tutorvista also Provide free demo for first time users where They can try the service for free.

they can help you in math questions, and give you solution in Chemistry homework help. they also teach you in Geometry help, teach you Prime numbers, give you solution in Chemistry help, and Physics help.
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AnyBots robot QB surrogate that became reality

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Never seen a movie that depicts the lives of surrogate where robots replace human presence was the original? And it is robots that perform various activities we are for security reasons and also the appearance?

There is now Anybots company that aims to produce a simple robot replaces the human presence that essentially the same as surrogate but not accompanied by the shape resembles a human and not able to connect the robot with the human sensory system.

But it could be said AnyBots QB is the fact of the early form of surrogate story. This robot is a "telepresence robot" that can help us in working primarily with a colleague or colleagues who work in other places far away. Suppose an American company leaders want to survey the plant, to communicate and interact with employees or colleagues in other countries like China then could use this robot.

With this robot, we can as if it comes in a distant location because we could see what was viewed by the robot's eyes, and we can move the robot according to what we want. This will save much time and costs for multinational companies with many branches that spread across the world.

This robot has two wheels and some sort of live cameras and capable of receiving and delivering voice over WiFi or the internet to the users of robots. This robot can move with speed of 3.5 mph and the batteries can last 8 hours. Price Robot Anybots QB is 15000 USD or 135 million dollars. Currently the robot is not sold retail, but can be ordered, so you want the message of this robot? Please go to www.anybots.com only.

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South Korea Develops Underwater Robot

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The concept of robots operate under water cans That is not a mere figment That cans not be realized. This is not just a concept merely wishful thinking, but even Further the concept is now growing and Almost realistic.

As the impact the development of robot technology is Becoming increasingly more sophisticated day course, makes experts to continue to Develop Robotic technology is aimed at a wider scale of life again. Starting from the simplest to the most sophisticated too, every moment seemed continue to emerge with a touch of experts around the world. Thus it has proved how powerful the existence of robotic technology in the current and future course.

Accordingly, experts from many countries participated robot installments graced the development of this robotic technology. And while Following the greatness of its neighbors, Japan, recently said to the country of South Korea Also joined to develop this robot technology.

Based on the news circulating in there, a Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of South Korea reportedly has plans to budget or invest $ 20 billion Won for a project 'underwater robots' the which is projected to be completed in 2015. This project is the construction of installments Robots That Will Be Able to Handle Various tasks maximum of 6.000 meters under the sea from exploration and rescue operations for environmental missions Such as maintenance of water flora. Developing robots with the ability to operate in shallow water is the first phase of the project, and scheduled for completion in 2012. And During the second phase 2013-2015, the robot will of Further be enhanced to perform tasks under the water.

Then the robots will from be developed That cans act as a spy too will from the government? Well, We'll see!
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Ecobot III robot that can Eat and Defecate

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You never imagine a robot that can eat? even sorry, defecate? Apparently there is research and research strange but realistic also to develop a robot that is not plugged into electricity or using other resources such as gasoline, methanol or what kek, but it can digest and get energy from organic food.

The researchers from the University of Bristol who presents robot named Ecobot III that can take advantage of 48 microbial cells for processing organic waste. These microbes will digest it and then the robot will extract energy from microbes to harvest electrons from the microbes. And that is extracted enough energy enables the robot to move.

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Special Jas To Bring iPad But Stay Cool and Neat

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If you already have the IPAD and often took him everywhere, probably thinking, "Where do I store and carry my iPad?"

Luckily for you, Mohan's New York Tailor, offers an easy to smuggle suits you the most magical property. Jas-shirt is almost as sexy as a tablet itself.

Okay, so 'comfortable' is a matter of perspective, I guess. Have you ever tried to hide a large book under your jacket? And iPad certainly more fragile than a book. And essentially if IPAD can not seem to be hidden behind your coat because it will swell and heavy and certainly at risk of falling right?

Well that's good there is a suit that could solve your problem with the iPad:D
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Robot Android Actroid F from Kokoro

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Named Kokoro Company of Tokyo which is the entertainment company in collaboration with Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro represented in making the android girl looks a bit feminine but creepy.

Actroid-F is the name of this robot is one kind of robot that has been dihasikan by Kokoro. This robot is used for business exhibitions or other events and can be used as telepresence robots (such as the surrogate).

Robot Actroid F is not able to walk but has advantages in presenting a realistic facial expression and look very similar to humans. Besides Actroid F, you can see the other robots that have been generated by Kokoro at the following url: http://www.kokoro-dreams.co.jp/english/robot/act/index.html

The price of this robot is $ 110,000 and can be used as a receptionist, guide or patient attendant.

You can see videos of this robot in action:

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Transformer Made In China 9,7 meter

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A group of students from China Central Academy Of Fine Arts University to build a transformer la Shanzhai their version for Project Graduation. Materials robot transformers all from a old truck, and overall costs of their projects around 300,000 yuan (about $ 4.470 USD or 40 million dollars) in total. Transformer la Shanzhai this is 9.7 meters, weighs 4000 KG.

Design taken from the famous transformer. Original parts and face only a sword, which is based on the history of Chinese hero 'Guan Gong'.

There are also video neh:

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User Interface Ala Minority Report demonstrate

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You who have seen the movie Minority Report definitely admire the sophistication of available technology in the film. One of them is when Tom Cruise uses his hands and move my hands with special gloves without touching the screen anything can navigate and manipulate a visual image on screen without any direct contact with the physical screen. So this navigation technology actually utilize the motion sensor and gesture in 3D.

The concept of navigation with movement and gesture in the film, made by Jon Underkoffler of MIT's Media Lab turned out to have been working hard to make the concept a reality in the film under Underkoffler owned company that is oblong. This revolutionary interface called "g-speak" by the shirt.

Many demos research project of John which presents a new navigation concept demonstrated at TED (the famous seminar to influential world leaders in technology, entertainment and design). So you have just entered the navigation with touch technology as well as multi-touch like the iphone, get ready to enter the 3D navigation technology, no more than 5 years left in your computer device according to Underkoffler. (Source)

To be more clear, you need to see a video presentation of Underkoffler following:

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LED 3D TVs from Samsung's Biggest & Newest Measuring 65 Inches

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Samsung introduces 3D TV's biggest LED is available for the home market for the moment, the Samsung UN65C8000 with 65-inch sizes. As part of the 8000 series LED, UN65C8000 using Samsung's 3D processor, Full HD resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and Precision Dimming technology.

Samsung UN65C8000 ready for a WiFi connection and supports Samsung Skype via Apps. Thanks to Apps Samsung, TV LED can also make streaming videos from YouTube, a movie from Blockbuster, music from Pandora and seeing the update Twitter. UN65C8000 TV Full HD LED 3D sold for $ 5,999.99, you can order one at Amazon.

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TV LCD LED 3D biggest Samsung

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Samsung today took the product is said Largest 3D LED TV 1080p HDTV IFA's biggest event - consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin on September 3 to 8, 2010, namely Samsung UN65C8000 measuring 65-inches. Part of Samsung's C8000 series was introduced at CES in March and then get support Wi-Fi and will gain access to Samsung Apps. This TV uses material slim brushed aluminum bezel.

Other technical specifications are not known, other than Samsung uses technology Precision LED Dimming in the TV and set to produce motion clarity 800CMR. This device is confirmed to be marketed in Europe so far, arrived at the market in October and the price equivalent to $ 7.690, or about 70 million dollars.
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Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D

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  • The title Resident Evil: Afterlife actually be used for the third part that ended up using the title Resident Evil: Extinction.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife also became the first Resident Evil movie created in 3D.
  • The fourth section will also insert the elements that exist on film RESIDENT EVIL CODE: VERONICA and RESIDENT EVIL 5.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife Resident Evil movie is going to be the first to be released in IMAX format.
  • In the version of the game, the characters are carrying an ax weapon known as The Executioner, but in this film version of this name was replaced with The Axeman.
  • In the version of the game is Chris Redfield STARS Alpha Team member who joined the BSAA Alpha Team, but in this movie Chris be a prisoner.
  • Tentacle coming out of the mouth similar to the symptoms of the virus Wesker in Resident Evil 5 Uroboros.
  • Claire Redfield In this film wearing a red vest, similar to those he wore in the version of the game.
  • Alice and her friends escaped from prison through the sewers as did Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin time to escape from Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2.
  • All film RESIDENT EVIL always use a piece taken from the movie scene before.
  • In the film, Alice's first time flying the plane.
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Do not be provoked cyber war with Malaysia

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — Start the rise of sites and the declaration pitched dropped between Malaysia and Indonesia in the virtual world responded to cold by the Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring. He also asked people not to provoke any kind of cyber-war sentiment that highlight other countries.

"We also do not want to be provoked. If you cuss me every day is also facing, it normal. But, lest if there has been declining, we still fiery. So come on the aqueous-air," he said on Thursday (09/02/2010 ) in Kemenkominfo, Jakarta.

Tifatul also asserted that even he and Minister of Communications Malaysia has a very good relationship because it comes from a village. "In Malaysia, we have no way to conduct cyber war with Malaysia. Why? Because both the Minister of ICT (Communications), Malaysia and Indonesia are both a village of Bukittinggi," he said with a smile.

If there is any form of cyber-war that exacerbate relations Malaysia and Indonesia, the government claimed not to worry because the existing ID-SIRTII system that can anticipate the hackers go to Indonesia. "In addition, for the cyber crime problem, we are preparing textile Act (Crime Technology) under the coordination of DG Aptel are now still in the stage of harmonization," said Minister of Communication.

With the increasing warming of relations between Indonesia and Malaysia, began many forms of mutual sentiment dropped two countries in cyberspace. Previously, just in time for Malaysia's Independence Day which falls on 31 August, dozens of Malaysian-owned site was hijacked peretasIndonesia by including curse words.

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Hackers attack Twitter

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — Twitter acknowledge the existence of a hacker attack on its website on Tuesday (21/09/2010). However, the attacks have now been successfully resolved and not to turn off the service.

"We have identified and are coping with an attack type of XSS (cross site scripting)," a statement on the blog StatusTwitter. Blog Twitter then updating its report that the attack had been completely resolved and the site returned to work normally.

Previously, the social media site Mashable reported, thousands of users who access the Twitter microblogging service through the web site to crash. As a result of the attack, the website Twitter suddenly diverted to other sites that are not desirable.

Worse, the transfer is done with the rough because only with mouseover or drag the mouse movement. That way, visitors suddenly taken to another site. The attack uses JavaScript called onMouseOver.

The attack was only experienced users access Twitter through the website. The attacks did not interfere with users who access it through a third-party applications, such as web, and the like.
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Laskar Pemimpi (Review)

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After independence was achieved, the Dutch are reluctant to recognize Indonesian sovereignty by trying to hold back the capital Jakarta. Finally, we transferred the central government to Jogjakarta to continue the ideals of self-government. In Jogjakarta, the Netherlands also continued to pursue military-tentaraIndonesia.

One of them held a guerrilla army Capt. Hadi Sugito (Gading Marten) a guerrilla in the region Panjen. Since running out to recruit their armies back Panjen youth. Sri Mulyani (Tika Panggabean) Maguwo an innocent village girl and like to sleep, Udjo (Udjo Project Pop), a spoiled patrician lineage, Tumino (Gugum Project Pop) duck breeders and Ahok (Oddie Project Pop), a small trader of Chinese descent, they join the Captain-led guerrilla forces Hadi Sugito after becoming victims of aggression Milliter Dutch II in December 1948.

Hilarity of this movie feels strong from the start thanks to a hard act Sri awakened during sleep. Also, the lyrics of the song that funny add freshness while watching this movie. In the guerrilla forces based in the village of Sri Panjen it, Udjo, Tumino and Ahok met with Toar (Yosi Project Pop) guerrillas from Manado myopic eyes and Cpl Jono (Dwi Sasono), playboy petty that rank have often taken down by Captain Hadi. They were destined to fight together ever since Lieutenant Kuyt, who led a team of Colonial Army troops stormed and captured Panjen Wiwid (Shanty) Udjo boyfriend, and Yayuk (Masayu Anastasia) Corporal boyfriend Jono.

These events create the six militants were determined to liberate Wiwid, Yayuk, and Sri father who is captured, though not received the blessing of their leadership. So, armed only with passion and information from a Colonial Army soldier who was suffering from concussion of the brain called Once (Oon Project Pop) they were off to the headquarters of Lieutenant Kuyt.

After arriving at the destination, kenekadan six guerrillas were not able to counter Lieutenant Kuyt and his army. Not-yet they are cornered and captured instead join together and Yayuk Wiwid cs. Fortunately, help is coming from the right-hand Panjen led by Captain Hadi named Lieutenant Bowo (Teuku Rifnu Wikana). The six insurgents and other prisoners were successfully released by Lieutenant Bowo and Army troops Panjennya.

Captain Hadi furious over tantrum Cpl Jono and his friends were. They are not considered discipline and jeopardize plans for a massive invasion Jogja being prepared by the high leadership of the TNI. As a result, Sri, Udjo, Tumino, Ahok, Toar and Cpl Jono dismissed from the army is not respectful. Even Once a soldier has defected to the republic was arrested by Capt. Hadi.

Although already fired their fighting spirit still raged. Opportunity to prove himself came shortly afterwards through the events of the attack to Yogyakarta on March 1, 1949, led by Lieutenant Colonel Suharto. While it is no longer an official soldier, Cpl Jono and his men quietly moved assist military troops to block the relief troops who were heading Jogja Colonial Army. As before, they left without careful planning and adequate capabilities. However, this time the fighters were aware that the success of their mission must be ready to struggle, to inhibit the rate of troops who have the power Colonial Army assistance doubled-doubled the amount of it.
Although the comedy element dominates this film, but Monty Tiwa able to build the message and spirit of heroic sacrifice for the homeland of the nation. Slow motion and choice of songs to change the atmosphere of nationalist emotion. Judging from the shape of this film comedy quite successfully. Unfortunately, in terms of setting, Monty less attention to the background scene. Built environment remain contemporary.
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