Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Compare car insurance rates in minutes!

 Switch to Car Insurance.com and use RateRefresh™ to find out if you are saving the most on your car insurance.
We offer multiple company insurance rates and the ability to purchase from one place; we are ahead of other online insurance companies. Start your quote to see how companies compete for your business.
Car Insurance.com is not an insurance company; we are a licensed independent insurance agency that represents leading insurance companies. Our online car insurance quote takes a few minutes and then we provide rates directly from multiple insurance companies in 60 seconds or less. Our online purchase process takes the average user 16 minutes; with instant underwriting, payment, and print your proof of insurance! You can purchase insurance online through Car Insurance.com or licensed insurance agents are readily available to assist you.
Don't waste time shopping for car insurance, use Car Insurance.com and RateRefresh™ to automatically find the best rates available; you may learn that you already have the best rate available...that is the power of switching to Car Insurance.com and using it to shop and compare auto insurance rates.

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