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Fishbowl, Facebook Client Application

Today, almost everyone has been familiar with Facebook, the largest social networking site with the most viewers. They use these social networking sites to always connect with friends and their brothers. Not only those who are young, even those who are old enough, too, utilize these social networking sites.

Facebook is providing many facilities are fairly easy to use. Features chat for example, is very easy to use practical. We just need to log into our account only and we can directly chat. Recommended to leave a message on the wall is also a very handy feature to send a message or share the things we find interesting. There is also a variety of applications that are very interesting game, which at the same time we can use to interact with fellow Facebook users.

Fishbowl, Aplikasi Facebook Client
Fishbowl is a very useful application for Facebook users. Fishbowl With this application, various features up will be integrated with the desktop. This desktop application allows Facebook users to be able to read the newsfeed, update status, leave comments, or easily upload photos from their desktop. Thus, Facebook users can always connect through their desktop. Facebook users who utilize these applications no longer need to log in from a web browser to access various features of Facebook.

Although very useful, application Fishbowl is only a trial application. This application can be downloaded at and used free of charge, but none of the available support.

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