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Running Applications Favorite With RocketDock

RocketDock is an application launcher with quality animation and alpha-blended. The software provides a good interface for its users to easily put your favorite application shortcuts for easy setup and access. RocketDock lets all things to be modified so that there is no limit what can we add and run from the dock.
Now, RocketDock has the ability to support that we lower the windows taskbar to appear as icons on the dock. This can increase productivity and ease of access.
Some features RocketDock include:

* Minimize / minimize windows to dock
* Preview windows in real-time on Vista
* Indicators that show the applications running
* The interface is simple, just by drag-n-drop it
* Able to use more than 1 monitor
* Compatible with files that alpha-blended PNG and ICO icons
* Zoom icons and a smooth transition
* Auto-hide and Popup on mouse directed
* Option to set the position and layering
In addition to the features we mentioned above, there are very many other features.
RocketDock can be used properly on computers that are relatively slow. In addition, RocketDock is available in many languages, which can be translated easily. The best thing about the software RocketDock is, the software is free! For complete information and to download this software, you can visit his official website at
To add icons or skins in the way you want you can download at
Here are some examples of icons or skins RocketDock contained in

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