Minggu, 26 September 2010

South Korea Develops Underwater Robot

The concept of robots operate under water cans That is not a mere figment That cans not be realized. This is not just a concept merely wishful thinking, but even Further the concept is now growing and Almost realistic.

As the impact the development of robot technology is Becoming increasingly more sophisticated day course, makes experts to continue to Develop Robotic technology is aimed at a wider scale of life again. Starting from the simplest to the most sophisticated too, every moment seemed continue to emerge with a touch of experts around the world. Thus it has proved how powerful the existence of robotic technology in the current and future course.

Accordingly, experts from many countries participated robot installments graced the development of this robotic technology. And while Following the greatness of its neighbors, Japan, recently said to the country of South Korea Also joined to develop this robot technology.

Based on the news circulating in there, a Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of South Korea reportedly has plans to budget or invest $ 20 billion Won for a project 'underwater robots' the which is projected to be completed in 2015. This project is the construction of installments Robots That Will Be Able to Handle Various tasks maximum of 6.000 meters under the sea from exploration and rescue operations for environmental missions Such as maintenance of water flora. Developing robots with the ability to operate in shallow water is the first phase of the project, and scheduled for completion in 2012. And During the second phase 2013-2015, the robot will of Further be enhanced to perform tasks under the water.

Then the robots will from be developed That cans act as a spy too will from the government? Well, We'll see!

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