Minggu, 26 September 2010

AnyBots robot QB surrogate that became reality

Never seen a movie that depicts the lives of surrogate where robots replace human presence was the original? And it is robots that perform various activities we are for security reasons and also the appearance?

There is now Anybots company that aims to produce a simple robot replaces the human presence that essentially the same as surrogate but not accompanied by the shape resembles a human and not able to connect the robot with the human sensory system.

But it could be said AnyBots QB is the fact of the early form of surrogate story. This robot is a "telepresence robot" that can help us in working primarily with a colleague or colleagues who work in other places far away. Suppose an American company leaders want to survey the plant, to communicate and interact with employees or colleagues in other countries like China then could use this robot.

With this robot, we can as if it comes in a distant location because we could see what was viewed by the robot's eyes, and we can move the robot according to what we want. This will save much time and costs for multinational companies with many branches that spread across the world.

This robot has two wheels and some sort of live cameras and capable of receiving and delivering voice over WiFi or the internet to the users of robots. This robot can move with speed of 3.5 mph and the batteries can last 8 hours. Price Robot Anybots QB is 15000 USD or 135 million dollars. Currently the robot is not sold retail, but can be ordered, so you want the message of this robot? Please go to www.anybots.com only.

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