Minggu, 26 September 2010

User Interface Ala Minority Report demonstrate

You who have seen the movie Minority Report definitely admire the sophistication of available technology in the film. One of them is when Tom Cruise uses his hands and move my hands with special gloves without touching the screen anything can navigate and manipulate a visual image on screen without any direct contact with the physical screen. So this navigation technology actually utilize the motion sensor and gesture in 3D.

The concept of navigation with movement and gesture in the film, made by Jon Underkoffler of MIT's Media Lab turned out to have been working hard to make the concept a reality in the film under Underkoffler owned company that is oblong. This revolutionary interface called "g-speak" by the shirt.

Many demos research project of John which presents a new navigation concept demonstrated at TED (the famous seminar to influential world leaders in technology, entertainment and design). So you have just entered the navigation with touch technology as well as multi-touch like the iphone, get ready to enter the 3D navigation technology, no more than 5 years left in your computer device according to Underkoffler. (Source)

To be more clear, you need to see a video presentation of Underkoffler following:

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