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Laskar Pemimpi (Review)

After independence was achieved, the Dutch are reluctant to recognize Indonesian sovereignty by trying to hold back the capital Jakarta. Finally, we transferred the central government to Jogjakarta to continue the ideals of self-government. In Jogjakarta, the Netherlands also continued to pursue military-tentaraIndonesia.

One of them held a guerrilla army Capt. Hadi Sugito (Gading Marten) a guerrilla in the region Panjen. Since running out to recruit their armies back Panjen youth. Sri Mulyani (Tika Panggabean) Maguwo an innocent village girl and like to sleep, Udjo (Udjo Project Pop), a spoiled patrician lineage, Tumino (Gugum Project Pop) duck breeders and Ahok (Oddie Project Pop), a small trader of Chinese descent, they join the Captain-led guerrilla forces Hadi Sugito after becoming victims of aggression Milliter Dutch II in December 1948.

Hilarity of this movie feels strong from the start thanks to a hard act Sri awakened during sleep. Also, the lyrics of the song that funny add freshness while watching this movie. In the guerrilla forces based in the village of Sri Panjen it, Udjo, Tumino and Ahok met with Toar (Yosi Project Pop) guerrillas from Manado myopic eyes and Cpl Jono (Dwi Sasono), playboy petty that rank have often taken down by Captain Hadi. They were destined to fight together ever since Lieutenant Kuyt, who led a team of Colonial Army troops stormed and captured Panjen Wiwid (Shanty) Udjo boyfriend, and Yayuk (Masayu Anastasia) Corporal boyfriend Jono.

These events create the six militants were determined to liberate Wiwid, Yayuk, and Sri father who is captured, though not received the blessing of their leadership. So, armed only with passion and information from a Colonial Army soldier who was suffering from concussion of the brain called Once (Oon Project Pop) they were off to the headquarters of Lieutenant Kuyt.

After arriving at the destination, kenekadan six guerrillas were not able to counter Lieutenant Kuyt and his army. Not-yet they are cornered and captured instead join together and Yayuk Wiwid cs. Fortunately, help is coming from the right-hand Panjen led by Captain Hadi named Lieutenant Bowo (Teuku Rifnu Wikana). The six insurgents and other prisoners were successfully released by Lieutenant Bowo and Army troops Panjennya.

Captain Hadi furious over tantrum Cpl Jono and his friends were. They are not considered discipline and jeopardize plans for a massive invasion Jogja being prepared by the high leadership of the TNI. As a result, Sri, Udjo, Tumino, Ahok, Toar and Cpl Jono dismissed from the army is not respectful. Even Once a soldier has defected to the republic was arrested by Capt. Hadi.

Although already fired their fighting spirit still raged. Opportunity to prove himself came shortly afterwards through the events of the attack to Yogyakarta on March 1, 1949, led by Lieutenant Colonel Suharto. While it is no longer an official soldier, Cpl Jono and his men quietly moved assist military troops to block the relief troops who were heading Jogja Colonial Army. As before, they left without careful planning and adequate capabilities. However, this time the fighters were aware that the success of their mission must be ready to struggle, to inhibit the rate of troops who have the power Colonial Army assistance doubled-doubled the amount of it.
Although the comedy element dominates this film, but Monty Tiwa able to build the message and spirit of heroic sacrifice for the homeland of the nation. Slow motion and choice of songs to change the atmosphere of nationalist emotion. Judging from the shape of this film comedy quite successfully. Unfortunately, in terms of setting, Monty less attention to the background scene. Built environment remain contemporary.

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