Minggu, 26 September 2010

Robot Android Actroid F from Kokoro

Named Kokoro Company of Tokyo which is the entertainment company in collaboration with Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro represented in making the android girl looks a bit feminine but creepy.

Actroid-F is the name of this robot is one kind of robot that has been dihasikan by Kokoro. This robot is used for business exhibitions or other events and can be used as telepresence robots (such as the surrogate).

Robot Actroid F is not able to walk but has advantages in presenting a realistic facial expression and look very similar to humans. Besides Actroid F, you can see the other robots that have been generated by Kokoro at the following url: http://www.kokoro-dreams.co.jp/english/robot/act/index.html

The price of this robot is $ 110,000 and can be used as a receptionist, guide or patient attendant.

You can see videos of this robot in action:

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