Minggu, 26 September 2010

Do not be provoked cyber war with Malaysia

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — Start the rise of sites and the declaration pitched dropped between Malaysia and Indonesia in the virtual world responded to cold by the Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring. He also asked people not to provoke any kind of cyber-war sentiment that highlight other countries.

"We also do not want to be provoked. If you cuss me every day is also facing, it normal. But, lest if there has been declining, we still fiery. So come on the aqueous-air," he said on Thursday (09/02/2010 ) in Kemenkominfo, Jakarta.

Tifatul also asserted that even he and Minister of Communications Malaysia has a very good relationship because it comes from a village. "In Malaysia, we have no way to conduct cyber war with Malaysia. Why? Because both the Minister of ICT (Communications), Malaysia and Indonesia are both a village of Bukittinggi," he said with a smile.

If there is any form of cyber-war that exacerbate relations Malaysia and Indonesia, the government claimed not to worry because the existing ID-SIRTII system that can anticipate the hackers go to Indonesia. "In addition, for the cyber crime problem, we are preparing textile Act (Crime Technology) under the coordination of DG Aptel are now still in the stage of harmonization," said Minister of Communication.

With the increasing warming of relations between Indonesia and Malaysia, began many forms of mutual sentiment dropped two countries in cyberspace. Previously, just in time for Malaysia's Independence Day which falls on 31 August, dozens of Malaysian-owned site was hijacked peretasIndonesia by including curse words.

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